I am exploring art therapy as an artist and also a participant. A relationship between creativity and mentality are interconnected by a sense of escapism which is releasing own psychological experiences and raising an issue for mental health. My artwork is a part of therapy/art therapy. I try to find the process of how I suppose to share my masturbation* on my work. My work is a part of art therapy for providing a trigger for facing inexplicable issues for myself by replacing others. There is also audiences’ creativity on a work, therefore the work is completed. My work is not a suggestion but also approaching to be interactive and trying to relate/connect each other (artist, participant and others that is to say people in this world). I deduce therapy might fail, such that it would never solve our dilemma in mental health issues, but as a result, an artist is here, not a therapist/a scientist either. Due to creativity does not have to be an answer. I would examine the potential of the role of an artist with art therapy in contemporary art.

*-is my interpretation of my creative thoughts to my work. I try to be satisfied and release my struggling such as trauma.

ユウ セン 逸見

Member : Art Project ‘But Hug Yourself’ working with Cheng Chen Zhao
Instagram: @buthugyourself

UAL Chelsea College of Arts
Fine Art

2018 Nov
British Association of Art Therapists
Introduction to Art Therapy



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