I can be in this contradiction 2019

acrylic paint on canvas 78 x 63 cm

Untitled 2019

Photography with poem



I AM 優* 2019

Mix media

*優 is my name which sounds yu,(you). It means kind, excellent, intelligent and so on.

This is an interactive performance which is a style of ‘Free Hugs Campaign’. I would expect that random people can appear in the performance.

I am standing with the board is written FREE HUGS. I am also wearing T-shirts with hand-writing I AM A MAN. After the hugging, I would slap on people who join it. (I won’t indicate anyone that I am going to slap.)

[I do not publish the images/filming which was carried out in the exhibition in public. Because this work was performed under the institution (Chelsea College of Arts). The image(above) is one of the practice photographs.]


Untitled 2018

mixed media

This is a therapy workshop involving bondage. It is held in a private space with a participant. (The entrance and windows are covered by a frosted curtain and sheets)


Comyusho 2018

mix media Installation and performance at offsite show of Year2 (with Buster Mantis)

This is an installation and interactive performance which is a part of art therapy.

I knew it 2017

charcoal on paper
16,5 × 11,2 cm

Suffering pain as humanity 2017

charcoal on black paper
11,5 × 8,4 cm

Solidarity: You and Me 2017

Mix media

The impression (in London) 2016

29.5 × 42.0 cm